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Premium Only Plan
Get a Tax Break on Health Care Premiums

With Ceridian's Premium Only Plan (POP), your employees can typically save 30% in taxes on the money they set aside for premiums to pay for medical, dental, vision, group term life and disability plans.

You'll also save in FICA and FUTA for every dollar spent.

Here's an example of how much POP can potentially save an employee who contributes $200 each month toward insurance premiums:

Without P.O.P. With P.O.P
Annual Salary 



Annual Pre-tax Premium Contribution $0 ($2,400)
Taxable Income $25,000 $22,600
Estimated Taxes (30%) ($7,500) ($6,780)
After-tax Premium Contributions ($2,400) $0
Net Take-home Pay $15,100 $15,820
Increase in Employee
Take-Home Pay


Here’s an example of how much POP can save a small business owner with just seven covered employees:

Without P.O.P. With P.O.P
Annual Payroll 



Annual Employee Pre-Tax Premium Contribution $0 ($16,800)
Taxable Payroll  $175,000 $158,200
Total Payroll Taxes (FICA Tax @ 7.65%)  $13,388 $12,102
Employer Payroll Tax Savings  $0


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Employees get Pre-Tax Savings

Employers get Payroll Tax Savings

Online POP Savings Calculator

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