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Building Better Online Relationships Through E-Casting

Win the attention of your online audience.

An E-Cast is basically a web page that is delivered as an email message. A well presented and visually appealing email will get the attention of your recipients significantly more than a plain text message. Instead of waiting for customers to come to your web site, why not take the initiative to deliver a high impact message directly to them? A quality eNewsletter, eAnnouncement, or eAdvertisement produces better and faster results than most other media. In today's overcrowded and competitive markets, organizations need new ways to build customer loyalty, prompt customers into action, and cost effectively attract new members or clients.

Interactive communication promotes action.

Typically, you only have seconds after winning the attention of your recipients to interest them into reacting to your message. By adding action features directly into email messages, you offer your customers the ability to respond immediately to the opportunities you present them. Often, asking customers to visit your web site or contact you to interact may be enough of a barrier to prevent them from providing a desired response. Since an E-Cast is like a web page, you can add virtually any kind of feature from a web site directly into your email message:

Surveys & Voting, Discussion Forums, Registration & Subscriptions, Custom Action Features, eCommerce Opportunities, Logins and Sign-ups, Database & Internet Searches and Much More!


  • Personalize and target messages.
  • Real-time customer and marketing data.
  • Save money and time.
  • World-class marketing & program campaigns.
  • E-Casting is easy!
  • E-Casting is effective.